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World History (MLS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,156
  • Vocabulary Terms 479
  • Performance Tasks 123
  • Instructional Videos 143

Test Standards

  1. (T2S1A,T2S2B,T2S5C) Expansion of Major Societies
  2. (T2S1B,T2S2A) The Medieval World
  3. (T2S1C) Before the Renaissance
  4. (T2S3A,T2S3B) Geographical Conditions
  5. (T2S4A,T2S5A) Trade and Commerce
  6. (T2S5B) The Renaissance
  1. (T3S1A,T3S5D) The Protestant Reformation
  2. (T3S1B,T3S5B) The Age of Exploration
  3. (T3S1C,T3S2A,T3S2B) Age of Empires
  4. (T3S4A,T3S3A,T3S4C,T3S5A) An Interconnected World
  5. (T3S3B,T3S4B,T3S5C) Mass Migrations
  1. (T4S2A,T4S2B,T4S5A) The Enlightenment
  2. (T4S1A,T4S1B,T4S1D,T4S3B,T4S1C,T4S1E,T4S2C) Glorious Revolution
  3. (T4S1A,T4S1B,T4S1D,T4S3B,T4S1C,T4S1E,T4S2C,T4S3A,T4S5C,T4S5D) American Revolution
  4. (T4S1A,T4S1B,T4S1D,T4S3B,T4S1C,T4S1E,T4S2C,T4S3A,T4S5C,T4S5D) French Revolution
  5. (T4S1A,T4S1B,T4S1D,T4S3B,T4S1C,T4S1E,T4S2C,T4S3A,T4S5C,T4S5D) Haitian & Latin Revolutions
  6. (T4S3C,T4S4A,T4S4B,T4S5B) Industrial Revolution
  1. (T5S1A) Imperialism
  2. (T5S1B,T5S2A,T5S2B) World War I
  3. (T5S3A) The Great Depression
  4. (T5S1B,T5S2B,T5S5A) World War II
  5. (T5S2B,T5S4A,T5S4B) The Cold War
  6. (T5S1C,T5S3D) Decolonization
  7. (T5S3B,T5S3C,T5S5A,T5S5B) Post Cold War
  8. (T5S5C,T5S5D,T5S5E) 20th Century Culture

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