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6th Grade Social Studies (MLS) Practice

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Discover the most effective and comprehensive online solution for curriculum mastery, high-stakes testing, and assessment in . Our 6th Grade Social Studies (MLS) curriculum and test review is aligned to the most current standards.

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  • Questions 966
  • Vocabulary Terms 219
  • Performance Tasks 70
  • Instructional Videos 77

Test Standards

  1. (T2S1A, T2S1B) Agricultural Revolution
  2. (T2S3A,T2S3B,T2S3C) River Valley Civilizations: Geographic Characteristics
  3. (T2S2A,T2S2B,T2S2C) River Valley Civilizations: Political Characteristics
  4. (T2S4A,T2S4B) River Valley Civilizations: Economic Characteristics
  5. (T2S5C,T2S5D) River Valley Civilizations: Society
  6. (T2S5A,T2S5B) Early Religions
  1. (T3S3A,T3S3B) Classical Greece: Physical Geography
  2. (T3S1A,T3S1B,T3S2A,T3S2B,T3S2C) Classical Greece: Political Characteristics
  3. (T3S4A,T3S4B,T3S4C) Classical Greece: Economic Characteristics
  4. (T3S3A,T3S3B) Classical Rome: Physical Geography
  5. (T3S1A,T3S1B,T3S2A,T3S2B,T3S2C) Classical Rome: Political Characteristics
  6. (T3S4A,T3S4B,T3S4C) Classical Rome: Economic Characteristics
  7. (T3S5D) Spread of Christianity: Cultural Characteristics
  8. (T3S3A,T3S3B) Classical China: Physical Geography
  9. (T3S1A,T3S1B,T3S2A,T3S2B,T3S2C) Classical China: Political Characteristics
  10. (T3S4A,T3S4B,T3S4C) Classical China: Economic Characteristics
  11. (T3S3A,T3S3B) Classical India: Physical Geography
  12. (T3S1A,T3S1B,T3S2A,T3S2B,T3S2C) Classical India: Political Characteristics
  13. (T3S4A,T3S4B,T3S4C) Classical India: Economic Characteristics
  14. (T3S5A,T3S5B, T3S5C) Classical Empires: Cultural Characteristics
  1. (T4S2B,T4S2A, T4S1A) Europe: Political Changes
  2. (T4S1C,T4S3A) Europe: Economic Changes
  3. (T4S3B,T4S5A, T4S5D) Europe: Social & Cultural Changes
  4. (T4S5B,T4S1B) Islam & Its Spread
  5. (T4S1B) The Mongols
  6. (T4S4A) Trade Networks
  7. (T4S1D,T4S2A,T4S3B,T4S5A) African Kingdoms
  8. (T4S1D,T4S3B,T4S5A) The Americas
  9. (T4S1A,T4S2C,T4S3A,T4S3B) Asia

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