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7th Grade Social Studies (MLS) Practice

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Discover the most effective and comprehensive online solution for curriculum mastery, high-stakes testing, and assessment in . Our 7th Grade Social Studies (MLS) curriculum and test review is aligned to the most current standards.

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  • Questions 936
  • Vocabulary Terms 252
  • Performance Tasks 78
  • Instructional Videos 82

Test Standards

  1. (T1S1A) Using Historic Maps
  2. (T1S1B,T1S1C,T1S1D, T1S1E) Critical Map Skills
  3. (T2S2A,T2S2B) Analyzing Resources
  4. (T1S3A) Spatial Patterns
  5. (T1S3B) Interconnected Regions
  6. (T1S3C) States of the Union
  7. (T1S3D) U.S. Cities
  8. (T1S3E) Nations of the World
  9. (T1S3F) Major World Landforms
  10. (T1S4A) Economic Cost/Benefits
  11. (T1S5A,T1S5B,T1S5C) Cultural Geography
  1. (T2S1A,T2S1B,T2S1C) History: Continuity and Change
  2. (T2S2A,T2S2B) Government Systems and Principles
  3. (T2S3A,T2S3B,T2S3C, T2S3D) Geographical Study
  4. (T2S4A,T2S4B,T2S4C,T2S4D) Economic Concepts
  5. (T2S5A,T2S5B,T2S5C,T2S5D,T2S5E) People, Groups and Cultures

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