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8th Grade Social Studies (MLS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,453
  • Vocabulary Terms 316
  • Performance Tasks 118
  • Instructional Videos 125

Test Standards

  1. (T2S1A,T2S3A) Populating the Americas
  2. (T2S1B,T2S2A,T2S3B) Establishing Colonies
  3. (T2S2B,T2S2C) Colonial Governing
  4. (T2S3C) Populating the Colonies
  5. (T2S4A,T2S4B) Colonial Economies
  6. (T2S1C,T2S5A,T2S5C) Conflict & Cooperation With Native Americans
  7. (T2S5B) Colonial Culture
  1. (T3S2A,T3S4A) Seven Years War
  2. (T3S4B,T3S4C,T3S5B,T3S3A) Life in the Colonies
  3. (T3S1A,T3S2B ) Escalating Tensions
  4. (T3S1B,T3S2C) Declaration of Independence
  5. (T3S1C,T3S5A) American Revolution
  6. (T3S2D) Articles of Confederation
  7. (T3S1D,T3S1F,T3S2E,T3S2G) Constitutional Convention
  8. (T3S2F) Bill of Rights
  9. (T3S1E,T3S5C) Early Republic
  10. (T3S3C,T3S3B) Expanding the Republic
  11. (T3S5E) Culture of the Early Republic
  1. (T4S3A,T4S3B,T4S3C) Changing Boundaries
  2. (T4S1A,T4S1B) Challenges to Expansion
  3. (T4S2B,T4S2A) Governmental Powers
  4. (T4S2C,T4S1C) Jacksonian Era
  5. (T4S4A,T4S4B,T4S4C) Antebellum Economy
  6. (T4S5A,T4S5B,T4S5D,T4S5E) Antebellum Reform
  7. (T4S5C) Antebellum Culture
  1. (T5S3A,T5S3C,T5S4A,T5S2A) The Pre-War U.S.
  2. (T5S4D,T5S4E) Slavery and Abolition
  3. (T5S4C) The Early Women’s Movement
  4. (T5S4A,T5S4B) 19th Century Culture
  5. (T5S1A,T5S1B,T5S2B) Causes of the Civil War
  6. (T5S2C) The Election of 1860
  7. (T5S1C,T5S3B,T5S2D) The Civil War
  8. (T5S4B,T5S3C,T5S4A) Reconstruction Era

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