Missouri Physical Science EOC Practice

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Principles & Properties of Matter and Energy55%
Principles & Properties of Force and Motion45%
  • Questions: 1,681
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 162
  • Instructional Videos: 76
  • Vocabulary Terms: 193

Test Standards

Principles & Properties of Matter and Energy
1. (1.1.A.a.)  Density
2. (1.1.A.b.)  Identify Pure Substances
3. (1.1.A.c.)  Classify As Element Or Compound
4. (1.1.A.d.)  Compare Metals, Nonmetals, Metalloids
5. (1.1.B.a.)  Acids, Bases, & Neutral Solutions
6. (1.1.D.a.)  Kinetic Theory And Phase Change
7. (1.1.D.b.)  Properties & Temperature Change
8. (1.1.D.c.)  Properties & Changes In Pressure
9. (1.1.E.a.)  Describe An Atom
10. (1.1.E.b.)  Subatomic Particles - Calculate
11. (1.1.E.c.)  Information About Elements
12. (1.1.F.a.)  Structure Of Periodic Table
13. (1.1.F.b.)  Classify Elements
14. (1.1.F.c.)  Predict Reactivity & Bonding
15. (1.1.G.a)  Physical And Chemical Changes
16. (1.1.H.a.)  Valence Electrons And Bonding
17. (1.1.H.b.)  Compare Bond Types
18. (1.1.I.a.)  Law Of Conservation Of Mass
19. (1.2.A.a.)  Temperature, Heat, And Thermal Energy
20. (1.2.A.b.)  Conductors & Insulators
21. (1.2.A.c.)  Sources & Uses Of Energy
22. (1.2.A.d.)  Advantages/disadvantages Of Energy Sources
23. (1.2.A.e.)  Effects Of EM Waves On Earth
24. (1.2.A.f.)  Heat Transfer
25. (1.2.B.a.)  KE, Mass And Velocity
26. (1.2.B.b.)  Gravitational PE
27. (1.2.B.c.)  KE And PE In A System
28. (1.2.B.d.)  Work On PE/KE
29. (1.2.C.a.)  Stars Produce Energy
30. (1.2.C.b.)  EM Energy Is Transferred
31. (1.2.E.a.)  Nuclear Energy/reactions
32. (1.2.E.b.)  Role Of Nuclear Energy On Earth
33. (1.2.F.a)  Energy Changes - KE/PE
34. (1.2.F.b)  Efficiency
35. (1.2.F.c.)  Storing & Transferring Energy
Principles & Properties of Force and Motion
1. (2.1.A.a.)  Graphically Represent Motion
2. (2.1.A.b.)  Velocity
3. (2.1.B.a.)  Speed, Velocity, Acceleration
4. (2.1.C.a.)  Compare Momentum
5. (2.1.C.b.)  Conservation Of Momentum
6. (2.2.A.a.)  Forces On An Object
7. (2.2.B.a.)  Describe Gravity
8. (2.2.B.b.)  Law Of Gravitational Attraction
9. (2.2.B.c.)  Weight
10. (2.2.B.d.)  Acceleration Due To Gravity
11. (2.2.D.a.)  Inertia And Newton's 1st Law
12. (2.2.D.b.)  Net Force
13. (2.2.D.c.)  Newtons' 2nd Law
14. (2.2.D.d.)  Falling
15. (2.2.D.e.)  Newton's 3rd Law
16. (2.2.E.a.)  Change In/Perpendicular Forces
17. (2.2.F.a.)  Work, Force, Distance
18. (2.2.F.b.)  Work Input:work Output
19. (2.2.F.c.)  Power Consumed Chart
20. (2.2.F.d.)  Describe Relationships