Mississippi Grade 5 Science MST2 Practice

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Physical Science34%
Life Science33%
Earth and Space Science 33%
Also includes:
  • Science as Inquiry
  • Questions: 1,908
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 165
  • Instructional Videos: 96
  • Vocabulary Terms: 266

Test Standards

Science as Inquiry
1. (1.a.)  Experimental Design
2. (1.b.)  Observations And Inferences
3. (1.c.)  Measurements
4. (1.d.)  Data Organization And Interpretation
5. (1.e.)  Communicate Results
6. (1.f.)  Product Design
7. (1.g.)  Evaluate Results
8. (1.h.)  Alternative Explanations
Physical Science
1. (2.a.)  Properties Of Objects
2. (2.b.)  Classification And Changes Of Matter
3. (2.c.)  Force And Motion
4. (2.d.)  Potential Energy
5. (2.e.)  Properties Of Light
6. (2.f.)  Mixtures And Solutions: Physical Properties
7. (2.g.)  Conductors And Insulators
Life Science
1. (3.a.)  Diversity Of Life
2. (3.b.)  Classification Of Life
3. (3.c.)  Research And Disease
4. (3.d.)  Asexual And Sexual Reproduction
5. (3.e.)  Food Webs/food Chains
Earth and Space Science
1. (4.a.)  Earth's Materials
2. (4.b.)  Constructive And Destructive Processes And Earth's Features
3. (4.c.)  Weather
4. (4.d.)  Environmental Changes
5. (4.e.)  Sun, Moon, And Earth
6. (4.f.)  Planets
7. (4.g.)  Conservation Of Natural Resources