Mississippi Grade 8 Science Practice

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Physical Science20%
Life Science36%
Earth and Space Science30%
  • Questions: 2,375
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 238
  • Instructional Videos: 107
  • Vocabulary Terms: 377

Test Standards

1. (1.a)  Experimental Design
2. (1.b)  Qualitative & Quantitative Obs
3. (1.c)  Summarize Data
4. (1.d)  Analyze Evidence
5. (1.e)  Develop Logical Argument
6. (1.f)  Develop Logical Argument
7. (1.g)  Revise Conclusions
8. (1.h)  Analyze Different Ideas
Physical Science
1. (2.a)  Identify Patterns
2. (2.b)  Properties And Interaction
3. (2.c)  Distinguish Object Motion
4. (2.d)  Electrical Energy Transfers
5. (2.e)  Contrast Electromagnetic Spectrumís Regions
6. (2.f)  Three Laws Of Motion
Life Science
1. (3.a)  Organismís Survival & Reproduction
2. (3.b)  Compare & Contrast Cell Types
3. (3.c)  Infect & Interfere Human Body
4. (3.d)  Describe Heredity
5. (3.e)  Explain Energy Flow
6. (3.f)  Logical Argument
7. (3.g)  Single-celled Organisms
8. (3.h)  Organism Gets Energy
Earth and Space Science
1. (4.a)  Lithosphere And Asthenosphere
2. (4.b)  Earthís Lithosphere
3. (4.c)  Examine Weather Forecasting
4. (4.d)  Renewable & Nonrenewable Resources
5. (4.e)  Earthís Axis Tilt
6. (4.f)  Describe Hierarchical Structure
7. (4.g)  Continued Research
8. (4.h)  Hurricane