Mississippi Biology SATP 2 Practice

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Scientific Investigations12%
Biochemical Basis of Life12%
Living Organisms and Their Environment18%
Biological Organization23%
Evolution and Diversity11%
  • Questions: 2,547
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 245
  • Instructional Videos: 95
  • Vocabulary Terms: 390

Test Standards

Scientific Investigations
1. (1.A)  Laboratory Equipment
2. (1.B)  Formulate Questions
3. (1.C)  Scientific Processes And Methods
4. (1.D)  Construct And Analyze Graphs
5. (1.E)  Research Validity
6. (1.F)  Alternative Explanations
7. (1.G)  Scientific Argument
Biochemical Basis of Life
1. (2.A)  Bond Formation
2. (2.B)  Water Essential Component
3. (2.C)  Classify Solutions
4. (2.D)  Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins, And Nucleic Acids
5. (2.E)  Life Processes
6. (2.F)  Adenosine Triphosphate Role
7. (2.G)  Photosynthesis And Cellular Respiration
Living Organisms and Their Environment
1. (3.A)  World's Major Biomes
2. (3.B)  Interdependence
3. (3.C)  Natural Events And Human Activities
Biological Organization
1. (4.A)  Plant And Animal Cells
2. (4.B)  Cellular Reproduction
3. (4.C)  Organizational Levels
4. (4.D)  Plant Survial
1. (5.A)  Molecular Basis
2. (5.B)  Utilize Mendel's Laws
3. (5.C)  Examine Inheritance Patterns
4. (5.D)  Chromosomal And Gene Mutations
Evolution and Diversity
1. (6.A)  Organisms Are Classified
2. (6.B)  Critique Data
3. (6.C)  Scientists Contributions
4. (6.D)  Natural Selection
5. (6.E)  Chemical Evolution