Mississippi Earth and Space Science (Frameworks) Practice

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Science as Inquiry20%
History and Evolution of the Universe and Earth20%
Geological History of Earth20%
Weather and Climate20%
  • Questions: 1,296
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 116
  • Instructional Videos: 50
  • Vocabulary Terms: 279

Test Standards

Science as Inquiry
1. (1.a.)  Lab Equipment And Safety
2. (1.b.)  Research Questions
3. (1.c.)  Scientific Processes
4. (1.d.)  Graphing
5. (1.e.)  Validity Of Research
6. (1.f.)  Alternative Explanations
7. (1.g.)  Communicate Or Defend
History and Evolution of the Universe and Earth
1. (2.a.)  Origin Of The Universe
2. (2.b.)  Space Distances
3. (2.c.)  Gravity And Fusion
4. (2.d.)  Evolution Of Earth
Geological History of Earth
1. (3.a.)  Plate Tectonics
2. (3.b.)  Mineral Deposits
3. (3.c.)  Rocks And Minerals
4. (3.d.)  Geological Hazards
5. (3.e.)  Reconstruct Geologic History
6. (3.f.)  Relative Age
7. (3.g.)  Uniformitarianism
8. (3.h.)  Relative And Absolute Dating
Weather and Climate
1. (4.a.)  Interactions Of Earth Systems
2. (4.b.)  Regional Climate And Extreme Weather
3. (4.c.)  Atmospheric Changes
4. (4.d.)  Erosion And Deposition
5. (4.e.)  Topography And Forces
1. (5.a.)  Life On Earth Shapes Systems
2. (5.b.)  Evidence Of Natural Selection
3. (5.c.)  Evolutionary Innovations On Earth
4. (5.d.)  Earth's Atmosphere Influences Life