Mississippi Physical Science (Frameworks) Practice

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Processes and Skills30%
Forces and Motion22%
Atomic Theory and Structure18%
Physical and Chemical Changes13%
  • Questions: 1,682
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 163
  • Instructional Videos: 68
  • Vocabulary Terms: 299

Test Standards

Processes and Skills
1. (1.A)  Laboratory Safety Symbols
2. (1.B)  Scientific Investigations.
3. (1.C)  Scientific Methods
4. (1.D)  Interpret And Generate Graphs
5. (1.E)  Draw Conclusions Make Inferences
6. (1.F)  Formulate Revise Scientific Explanations
7. (1.G)  Communicate Scientific Results
Forces and Motion
1. (2.A)  Newton’s Laws Of Motion
2. (2.B)  Force, Work, Energy
3. (2.C)  Kinetic Potential Energy
4. (2.D)  Draw Charges Electric Current
5. (2.E)  Electric Currents Magnetic Fields
1. (3.A)  Transverse, Longitudinal, Surface Waves
2. (3.B)  Compare Properties Of Waves
3. (3.C)  Electromagnetic Spectrum’s Regions
4. (3.D)  Measuring Sound
Atomic Theory and Structure
1. (4.A)  Atomic Theory Evidence
2. (4.B)  Chemical And Physical Changes
3. (4.C)  Periodic Table History
4. (4.D)  Predict Patterns Periodic Table
Physical and Chemical Changes
1. (5.A)  Chemical Formulas Monatomic Polyatomic
2. (5.B)  Balance Chemical Equations
3. (5.C)  Classify Chemical Reactions