Mississippi Grade 6 Science Practice

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Physical Science25%
Life Science25%
Earth and Space Science25%
  • Questions: 1,890
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 200
  • Instructional Videos: 70
  • Vocabulary Terms: 263

Test Standards

1. (1.a)  Investigation
2. (1.b)  Qualitative And Quantitative Data
3. (1.c)  Tools
4. (1.d)  Analyze Data
5. (1.e)  Communicate Data
6. (1.f)  Evaluate Solutions
7. (1.g)  Infer Explanations
8. (1.h)  Alternative Explanations
Physical Science
1. (2.a)  Atoms
2. (2.b)  Physical Properties
3. (2.c)  Forces
4. (2.d)  Forms Of Energy
5. (2.e)  Reflection And Refraction
6. (2.f)  Real-World Application Of Forces
7. (2.g)  Flow Of Heat
Life Science
1. (3.a)  Populations
2. (3.b)  Structure And Function In Living Things
3. (3.c)  Organization And Development Of Humans
4. (3.d)  Reproduction
5. (3.e)  Food Webs
Earth and Space Science
1. (4.a)  Earth's Crust
2. (4.b)  Shaping Of Earth
3. (4.c)  Climate Data
4. (4.d)  Cause And Effect Of Pollution
5. (4.e)  Earth's Rotation And Revolution
6. (4.f)  Objects In The Universe
7. (4.g)  Resources Of Earth's Systems