Mississippi Grade 7 Science Practice

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Physical Science25%
Life Science25%
Earth and Space Science25%
  • Questions: 1,808
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 214
  • Instructional Videos: 72
  • Vocabulary Terms: 285

Test Standards

1. (1.a)  Investigation
2. (1.b)  Observations, Inferences, And Predictions
3. (1.c)  Tools
4. (1.d)  Analyze Data
5. (1.e)  Communicate
6. (1.f)  Science And Technology
7. (1.g)  Review
8. (1.h)  Evidence And Explanations
Physical Science
1. (2.a)  Patterns Of Elements
2. (2.b)  Types Of Chemical Changes And PH
3. (2.c)  Simple Machines
4. (2.d)  Electrical Energy
5. (2.e)  Types Of Waves
6. (2.f)  Unbalanced Forces
Life Science
1. (3.a)  Chances Of Survival
2. (3.b)  Classify Living Things
3. (3.c)  Health Care Technology
4. (3.d)  Reproduction
5. (3.e)  Obtain And Use Matter
Earth and Space Science
1. (4.a)  Humans And Earth's Materials
2. (4.b)  Shaping Of Earth
3. (4.c)  Heat Transfer
4. (4.d)  Resources And Climate
5. (4.e)  NASA
6. (4.f)  Objects In Solar System
7. (4.g)  Renewable And Nonrenewable Resources
8. (4.h)  Predict Weather