Mississippi Integrated Math III (CCRS) Practice

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Number and Quantity & Algebra25%
Statistics and Probability25%
  • Questions: 3,578
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 199
  • Instructional Videos: 138
  • Vocabulary Terms: 323

Test Standards

Number and Quantity & Algebra
1. (N-Q-2)  Define Quantities
2. (A-SSE-2)  Factor Expressions
3. (A-SSE-4)  Finite Geometric Series
4. (A-APR-2)  Remainder Theorem
5. (A-APR-3)  Zeros Of Polynomials
6. (A-APR-4)  Prove Polynomial Identities
7. (A-APR-6)  Rewrite Rational Expressions
8. (A-CED-1)  Equations/inequalities 1-variable
9. (A-CED-2)  Equations/inequalities 2-variables
10. (A-REI-1)  Justify Solutions
11. (A-REI-2)  Rational & Radical Equations
12. (A-REI-11)  Graphs And Solutions
1. (F-IF-4)  Function Models Relationship
2. (F-IF-6)  Rate Of Change
3. (F-IF-7c)  Graph Polynomial Functions
4. (F-IF-7e)  Graph Exponential & Logarithmic Functions
5. (F-IF-9)  Compare Properties Of Two Functions
6. (F-BF-3 )  Effect On The Graph
7. (F-BF-4a)  Solve An Equation
8. (F-LE-4)  Express Logarithms
9. (F-TF-1)  Radian Measure
10. (F-TF-2)  Unit Circle
11. (F-TF-5)  Trigonometric Functions
12. (F-TF-8)  Pythagorean Identity
1. (G-CO.12)  Geometric Constructions
2. (G-CO.13.)  Construct
3. (G-C.2)  Angle Relationships
4. (G-C.3)  Construct Circles
5. (G-C.5)  Derive
6. (G-GPE.1)  Derive Circle Equation
7. (G-GPE.2)  Derive Parabola
8. (G-GPE.4)  Geometric Theorems
9. (G-GPE.5)  Prove Slopes For Parallel/Perp
10. (G-GPE.6)  Find Point
11. (G-GPE.7)  Compute Perimeters
12. (G-GMD.4)  Identify Shapes
13. (G-MG.1)  Describe Objects
14. (G-MG.2)  Density Concepts
15. (G-MG.3)  Geometric Methods
Statistics and Probability
1. (S-ID.4)  Normal Distribution
2. (S-ID.6a)  Fit Function
3. (S-ID.6b)  Assess Fit
4. (S-ID.6c)  Fit Linear Function
5. (S-IC.1)  Understand Statistics
6. (S-IC.2)  Data-Generating Process
7. (S-IC.3)  Purposes And Differences
8. (S-IC.4)  Estimate Mean
9. (S-IC.5)  Randomized Experiment
10. (S-IC.6)  Evaluate Reports