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Advanced Mathematics Plus (MS CCRS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,073
  • Vocabulary Terms 207
  • Performance Tasks 131
  • Instructional Videos 128

Test Standards

  1. (N-CN-3) Complex conjugate
  2. (N-CN-4) Complex plane
  3. (N-CN-5) Complex operations
  4. (N-CN-6) Complex plane distance
  5. (N-CN.8) Extend identities
  6. (N-CN.9) Fundamental theorem
  7. (N-VM-1) Magnitude and direction
  8. (N-VM-2) Components of vectors
  9. (N-VM-3) Velocity and vectors
  10. (N-VM-4a) Add vectors
  11. (N-VM-4b) Magnitude and direction of sum
  12. (N-VM-4c) Vector subtraction
  13. (N-VM-5a) Scalar multiplication
  14. (N-VM-5b) Scalar multiple magnitude
  15. (N-VM-6) Use matrices
  16. (N-VM-7) Matrices and scalars
  17. (N-VM-8) Matrix operations
  18. (N-VM-9) Square matrix products
  19. (N-VM-10) Zero and identify matrices
  20. (N-VM-11) Vector/matrix product
  21. (N-VM-12) Matrix transformations
  1. (A-APR-5) Binomial Theorem
  2. (A-APR.7) Rational expressions
  3. (A-REI-8) Represent system of linear equations
  4. (A-REI-9) Inverse of a matrix
  1. (F-IF-7d) Graph rational functions
  2. (F-BF-1c) Compose functions
  3. (F-BF-4b) Verify inverse functions
  4. (F-BF-4c.) Inverse function
  5. (F-BF-4d) Restrict domain
  6. (F-BF-5) Exponents and logarithms
  7. (F-TF-3) Special triangles
  8. (F-TF-4) Symmetry, odd/even
  9. (F-TF.5) Model periodic phenomena
  10. (F-TF-6) Trigonometric function
  11. (F-TF-7) Trig equations
  12. (F-TF-9) Trig formulas
  1. (G-SRT.9) Area formula
  2. (G-SRT.10) Laws of sines and cosines
  3. (G-SRT.11) Applied problems
  4. (G-C.4) Tangent line
  5. (G-GPE.3) Ellipse/Hyperbola equations
  6. (G-GMD.2) Cavalieri's Principle
  1. (S-CP.8) Multiplication rule
  2. (S-CP.9) Permutations and combinations
  3. (S-MD.1) Define random variable
  4. (S-MD.2) Calculate value
  5. (S-MD.3) Probability distribution
  6. (S-MD.4) Develop Probability
  7. (S-MD.5a) Expected payoff
  8. (S-MD.5b) Expected Values
  9. (S-MD.6) Use probabilities
  10. (S-MD.7) Analyze decisions

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