Algebra II (CCRS) Practice

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Number and Quantity 25%
Algebra 25%
Functions and Geometry 25%
Statistics and Probability 25%
  • Questions 4,720
  • Vocabulary Terms 306
  • Performance Tasks 271
  • Instructional Videos 175

Test Standards

Number and Quantity
1. (N-RN-1)  definition of rational exponents
2. (N-RN-2)  rewrite radical expressions
3. (N-Q-2)  define quantities
4. (N-CN-1)  represent complex numbers
5. (N-CN-2)  properties with complex numbers
6. (N-CN-7)  quadratics - complex solutions
1. (A-SSE-2)  Expression structure
2. (A-SSE-3c)  Properties of exponents
3. (A-SSE-4.)  Finite geometric series
4. (A-APR-2)  Remainder Theorem
5. (A-APR-3)  Identify zeros of polynomials
6. (A-APR-4)  Prove polynomial identities
7. (A-APR-6)  Rewrite simple rational expressions
8. (A-CED-1)  Create equations and inequalities
9. (A-CED-2)  Two or more variables
10. (A-CED.3)  Represent constraints
11. (A-REI-1)  Explain steps in solving simple equation
12. (A-REI-2)  Rational & radical equations
13. (A-REI-4b)  Solve quadratic equations
14. (A-REI-6)  Solve systems of linear equations
15. (A-REI-7)  Nonlinear systems
16. (A-REI-11)  x-coordinates
Functions and Geometry
1. (F-IF-3)  Sequences are functions
2. (F-IF-4)  Function models relationship
3. (F-IF-6)  Rate of change
4. (F-IF-7c)  Graph polynomial functions
5. (F-IF-7e)  Graph exponential & logarithmic functions
6. (F-IF-8b)  Exponents properties
7. (F-IF-9)  Compare properties of two functions
8. (F-BF-1a)  Determine an explicit expression
9. (F-BF-1b.)  Combine standard function types
10. (F-BF-2)  Write arithmetic & geometric sequences
11. (F-BF-3 )  Effect on the graph
12. (F-BF-4a)  Solve an equation
13. (F-LE-2)  Construct functions
14. (F-LE.3)  Exponential growth
15. (F-LE-4)  Express logarithms
16. (F-LE-5)  Interpret parameters
17. (F-TF-1)  Radian measure
18. (F-TF-2)  Unit circle
19. (G-GPE.2)  Derive Parabola
Statistics and Probability
1. (S-ID.4)  Normal Distribution
2. (S-ID.6a)  Fit Function
3. (S-IC.1)  Understand Statistics
4. (S-IC.2)  Data-Generating Process
5. (S-IC.3)  Purposes and Differences
6. (S-IC.4)  Estimate Mean
7. (S-IC.5)  Randomized Experiment
8. (S-IC.6)  Evaluate Reports
9. (S-CP.1)  Set of Outcomes
10. (S-CP.2)  Independent Events
11. (S-CP.3)  Conditional Probability
12. (S-CP.4)  Frequency Tables
13. (S-CP.5)  Probability and Independence
14. (S-CP.6)  Find Probability
15. (S-CP.7)  Addition Rule