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Government (Frameworks) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (1.A) Development of political system
  2. (1.B) Principles of American democracy
  3. (1.C) Bill of Rights
  4. (1.D) American government branches
  5. (1.E) American economic system
  1. (2.A) US federal system
  2. (2.B) US Constitution flexibility
  1. (3.A) US democracy and media
  2. (3.B) Technology and political process
  1. (4.A) Migration patterns
  2. (4.B) Federal laws and the environment
  3. (4.C) Population trends
  4. (4.D) Political parties
  1. (5.A) Special purpose maps
  2. (5.B) Graphs, charts, tables, timelines
  3. (5.C) Political cartoons
  4. (5.D) Primary and secondary sources
  5. (5.E) Utilize the Internet
  1. (6.A) Rights/Responsibilities of citizens
  2. (6.B) Comparative politics

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