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Mississippi Studies (MS CCRS) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (MS.1.1-.4) Mississippi's Physical Features
  2. (MS.1.4&.5) Mississippi's Geography & Economy
  3. (MS.1.6) Impact of Geographic Processes
  4. (MS.2.1-.3) Mississippi's First Nations
  5. (MS.3.1-.3) Europeans Settle Mississippi
  6. (MS.4.1) Revolutionary Mississippi
  7. (MS.4.2) Removal of Indigenous Peoples
  8. (MS.4.3) Mississippi Statehood
  9. (MS.4.4&.5) Governing Mississippi
  10. (MS.5.1&.2) Slavery in Mississippi
  11. (MS.5.3) Antebellum Mississippi
  12. (MS.6.1) Women & Minorities in the Civil War
  13. (MS.6.2) Mississippi in the Civil War
  14. (MS.6.3) The Civil War Economy
  15. (MS.6.4) Political Reconstruction in Mississippi
  16. (MS.6.5,7.1,7.2) Culture, Technology, & Reconstruction
  17. (MS.7.3) African Americans & Reconstruction
  18. (MS.7.4) Mississippi's Changing Constitution
  19. (MS.8.1&8.3) Mississippi & the Civil Rights Movement
  20. (MS.8.2 ) Federalism in the Civil Rights Era
  21. (MS.9.1&.2) Mississippi's Modern Economy
  22. (MS.9.3) Mississippi & the Global Economy
  23. (MS.9.4) Income Inequality
  24. (MS.10.1) Mississippi Citizenship
  25. (MS.10.2) Mississippi's Branches
  26. (MS.10.3&.4) Local Government
  27. (MS.11.1-.5) The Arts in Mississippi
  28. (MS.12.1,.2,&.4) Diversity in Mississippi
  29. (MS.12.3) Push & Pull Factors

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