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English II SATP Practice

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  • Questions 4,002
  • Vocabulary Terms 216
  • Performance Tasks 176
  • Instructional Videos 103

Test Standards

  1. (1.A) Analogical statements
  2. (1.B) Analyze Figurative language
  3. (1.C) Analyze word choice
  4. (1.D) Connotative words
  1. (2.A) Text features
  2. (2.B) Text structures
  3. (2.C) Inferences
  4. (2.D) Synthesize responses
  5. (2.E) Analyze literary elements
  6. (2.F) Fact from opinion
  1. (3.A) Composing process
  2. (3.B) Narrative composition
  3. (3.C) Informative composition
  4. (3.D) Persuasive composition
  5. (3.E) Research a topic
  1. (4.A.1) Verb tenses
  2. (4.A.2) Active/passive voice
  3. (4.A.3) Pronoun reference
  4. (4.A.4) Advanced grammar
  5. (4.A.5) Subject-verb agreement
  6. (4.B.1) Capitalize
  7. (4.B.2) Semicolons
  8. (4.B.3) Commas
  9. (4.B.4) Coordinate adjectives
  10. (4.B.5) Single quotation marks
  11. (4.C.1) Sentence structure
  12. (4.C.2) Misplaced modifiers
  13. (4.C.3) Subordination