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Mississippi US History SATP2 Practice

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  • Questions 1,124
  • Vocabulary Terms 495
  • Performance Tasks 89
  • Instructional Videos 129

Test Standards

  1. (1.a) The Constitution
  2. (1.b) Presidential Policies
  3. (1.c) Expansion of Federal Power
  4. (1.d) Liberty and Security
  5. (2.a.) Diverse Influences on Labor
  6. (2.b.) Environmental Challenges
  7. (2.c) Entitlement Programs
  1. (3.a) Imperialism: 1877 to 1914
  2. (3.b.) Imperialists vs. Anti-Imperialists
  3. (3.c.) U.S. Involvement in World Wars
  4. (3.d.) The Cold War
  5. (3.e.) U.S. & International Organizations
  6. (3.f.) Middle East Relations
  1. (4.a.) Civil Rights Movement: Beginnings
  2. (4.b.) Modern Civil Rights Movement
  3. (4.c.) Civil Rights Movement: Government Involvement
  4. (4.d.) Civil Rights Movement: Expanding Democracy
  5. (4.e.) Civil Rights Movement: Other Voices
  6. (4.f.) Political, Economic, & Social Changes
  1. (5.a.) Industrialization
  2. (5.b) Industrialization & Labor
  3. (5.c) Push-Pull Effects
  4. (6.a.) Capitalism and Regulation
  5. (6.b) Monetary Policy in History
  6. (6.c.) Tariff & Trade Agreements
  7. (6.d.) Deficit Spending
  1. (7.a.) Cultural Artifacts
  2. (7.b.) Religion & Social Movements
  3. (7.c.) Influence of Mass Media
  4. (7.d.) Modernism & Traditionalism
  5. (7.e.) U.S. Diversity

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