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Mississippi Grade 6 Math MAAP Practice

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  • Questions 3,105
  • Vocabulary Terms 180
  • Performance Tasks 134
  • Instructional Videos 80

Test Standards

  1. (6.RP.1) Ratio Language
  2. (6.RP.2) Unit Rate
  3. (6.RP.3a) Equivalent Ratios
  4. (6.RP.3b) Unit Pricing
  5. (6.RP.3c) Percent of Quantity
  6. (6.RP.3d) Ratio Reasoning
  1. (6.NS.1) Quotients
  2. (6.NS.2) Multi-digit Numbers
  3. (6.NS.3) Standard Algorithm
  4. (6.NS.4) Greatest Common Factor
  5. (6.NS.5) Represent Quantities
  6. (6.NS.6a) Opposite Signs
  7. (6.NS.6b) Locations in Quadrants
  8. (6.NS.6c) Find Integers
  9. (6.NS.7a) Inequality Statements
  10. (6.NS.7b) Statements of Order
  11. (6.NS.7c) Absolute Value
  12. (6.NS.7d) Distinguish Comparisons
  13. (6.NS.8) Coordinate Plane
  1. (6.EE.1) Whole-number Exponents
  2. (6.EE.2a) Record Operations
  3. (6.EE.2b) Identify Parts
  4. (6.EE.2c) Evaluate Expressions
  5. (6.EE.3) Equivalent Expressions
  6. (6.EE.4) Identify Equivalent
  7. (6.EE.5) Substitution
  8. (6.EE.6) Use Variables
  9. (6.EE.7) Nonnegative Rational Numbers
  10. (6.EE.8) Write Inequality
  11. (6.EE.9) Use Variables
  1. (6.G.1) Find Area
  2. (6.G.2) Find Volume
  3. (6.G.3) Draw Polygons
  4. (6.G.4) Three-Dimensional Figures
  1. (6.SP.1) Variability
  2. (6.SP.2) Distribution
  3. (6.SP.3) Measure of Center
  4. (6.SP.4) Display Numerical Data
  5. (6.SP.5a) Observations
  6. (6.SP.5b) Nature of Attribute
  7. (6.SP.5c) Give Measures
  8. (6.SP.5d) Relating the Measures

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