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Geography NAEP Practice

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  • Questions 769
  • Vocabulary Terms 257
  • Performance Tasks 74
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Test Standards

  1. (I.I.1) Physical Environment
  2. (I.I.2) Human Environment
  3. (I.II.1) Geographic Concepts
  4. (I.II.2) Spatial Units of Measurement
  5. (I.II.3) Absolute Location Systems
  6. (I.III.1) Spatial Features & Patterns
  7. (I.III.2) Major Processes
  8. (I.IV.1) Spatial Features & Patterns (Cultural)
  9. (I.IV.2) Major Processes (Cultural)
  1. (II.I.1) Interactions in Earth's Systems
  2. (II.I.2) Interactions in Earth's Human Systems
  3. (II.I.3) Interactions Among Natural & Human Systems
  4. (II.I.4) Effects of Change
  5. (II.I.5) Regional & Global Effects of Change
  6. (II.II.1) Absorbing Human Activity
  7. (II.II.2) Human Adaptations
  8. (II.II.3) Effects of Human Change
  9. (II.II.4) Human Affected by Physical Systems
  10. (II.III.1) Impact of Technology
  11. (II.III.2) Positive/Negative Effects of Technology
  12. (II.IV.1) Environmental Perceptions
  13. (II.IV.2) Environmental Perceptions Over Time
  1. (III.I.1) Regional Organization
  2. (III.I.2) Relationships Between Places
  3. (III.I.3) Specialization & Comparative Advantage
  4. (III.I.4) Diverse Cultures
  5. (III.II.1) Connections Among People
  6. (III.II.2) Changes in Connections
  7. (III.II.3) Patterns of Function
  8. (III.II.4) Geography: Cooperation & Conflict
  9. (III.II.5) Transregional Organizations
  10. (III.III.1) Natural & Cultural Diffusion
  11. (III.III.2) Human Migration
  12. (III.III.3) Unequal Distribution of Resources
  13. (III.IV.1) Regional Standards of Living

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