Economics Practice Test

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Economic Decision Making 13%
Exchange and Markets 47%
The National Economy 27%
The Global Economy 13%
  • Questions 625
  • Vocabulary Terms 184
  • Performance Tasks 48
  • Instructional Videos 53

Test Standards

Economic Decision Making
1. (D2.Eco.1.9-12)  Incentives
2. (D2.Eco.2.9-12)  Marginal Benefits & Costs
Exchange and Markets
1. (D2.Eco.3.9-12)  Production in a Market System
2. (D2.Eco.4.9-12)  Competition
3. (D2.Eco.5.9-12)  Consequences of Competition
4. (D2.Eco.6.9-12)  The Government's Role
5. (D2.Eco.7.9-12)  Government Policies
6. (D2.Eco.8.9-12)  Improving Market Outcomes
7. (D2.Eco.9.9-12)  Roles of Institutions
The National Economy
1. (D2.Eco.10.9-12)  Data
2. (D2.Eco.11.9-12)  Economic Indicators
3. (D2.Eco.12.9-12)  Monetary & Fiscal Policies
4. (D2.Eco.13.9-12)  Economic Growth
The Global Economy
1. (D2.Eco.14.9-12)  Comparative Advantage
2. (D2.Eco.15.9-12)  Globalization

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