High School

Health Practice

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  • Vocabulary Terms 176
  • Performance Tasks 42
  • Instructional Videos 38

Test Standards

  1. (HE H.S.1a) Health Behaviors
  2. (HE H.S.1b) Health Interrelationships
  3. (HE H.S.1c) Environment and Health
  4. (HE H.S.1d) Genetics and Health
  5. (HE H.S.1e) Reduction of Injuries
  6. (HE H.S.1f) Health Care
  7. (HE H.S.1g) Healthy Behaviors
  8. (HE H.S.1h) Unhealthy Behaviors
  9. (HE H.S.1i) Unprotected Sex
  1. (HE H.S.2a) Family and Health
  2. (HE H.S.2b) Culture and Health
  3. (HE H.S.2c) Peers
  4. (HE H.S.2d) School and Community
  5. (HE H.S.2e) Media
  6. (HE H.S.2f) Technology and Health
  7. (HE H.S.2g) Perceptions of Norms
  8. (HE H.S.2h) Personal Values and Beliefs
  9. (HE H.S.2i) Health Risk Behaviors
  10. (HE H.S.2j) Public Health Policies
  1. (HE H.S.3a) Validity of Health Products
  2. (HE H.S.3b) Accessibility of Health Products
  3. (HE H.S.3c) Health Resources
  4. (HE H.S.3d) Professional Health Services
  1. (HE H.S.4a) Communication
  2. (HE H.S.4b) Conflict Resolution
  3. (HE H.S.4c) "How to Ask"
  1. (HE H.S.5a) Barriers
  2. (HE H.S.5b) Decision-Making Process
  3. (HE H.S.5c) Individual or Collaborative Decision
  4. (HE H.S.5d) Alternative Choices
  5. (HE H.S.5e) Impacts of Decisions
  6. (HE H.S.5f) Health-Enhancing Choices
  7. (HE H.S.5g) Effectiveness of Decisions
  8. (HE H.S.5h) Abstinence
  1. (HE H.S.6a) Personal Health
  2. (HE H.S.6b) Personal Health Plan
  3. (HE H.S.6c) Health Goals
  1. (HE H.S.7a) Individual Responsibility
  2. (HE H.S.7b) Variety of Health Practices
  3. (HE H.S.7c) Model Behavior
  1. (HE H.S.8a) Demonstrate Norms
  2. (HE H.S.8b) Model Health Choices
  3. (HE H.S.8c) Coordinate Efforts
  4. (HE H.S.8d) Health Message

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