North Carolina Grade 7 Science Final Exam (NCES) Practice

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Forces and Motion20%
Energy: Conservation and Transfer20%
Earth Systems, Structures and Processes20%
Structures and Functions of Living Organisms20%
Evolution and Genetics20%
  • Questions: 1,937
  • Two-Part Items: 13
  • Vocabulary Terms: 220
  • Performance Tasks: 115
  • Instructional Videos: 58

Test Standards

Forces and Motion
1. (7.P.1.1)  Motion Of An Object
2. (7.P.1.2)  Effects Of Forces
3. (7.P.1.3)  Illustrate Motion
4. (7.P.1.4)  Interpret Graphs
Energy: Conservation and Transfer
1. (7.P.2.1)  Kinetic & Potential Energy
2. (7.P.2.2)  Model/diagram Energy Transformation
3. (7.P.2.3)  Energy Transfer
4. (7.P.2.4)  Simple Machines
Earth Systems, Structures and Processes
1. (7.E.1.1)  Earth's Atmosphere
2. (7.E.1.2)  Cycling Of Water
3. (7.E.1.3)  Weather Events
4. (7.E.1.4)  Weather Conditions & Patterns
5. (7.E.1.5)  Influences On Weather
6. (7.E.1.6)  Health Of Humans
Structures and Functions of Living Organisms
1. (7.L.1.1)  Single-celled Organisms
2. (7.L.1.2)  Plant & Animal Cells
3. (7.L.1.3)  Multi-cellular Organisms
4. (7.L.1.4)  Human Body Systems
Evolution and Genetics
1. (7.L.2.1)  Offspring
2. (7.L.2.2)  Patterns Of Heredity
3. (7.L.2.3)  Biological Inheritance & Survival