North Carolina Civics and Economics (NCES) Practice

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American Principles & Values9%
Government Structure15%
The Legal System15%
Democracy & Participation9%
Balancing Interests & Conflicts9%
Making Financial Decisions11%
Risk Management9%
Economies and Markets11%
Economic Interdependence 8%
Government Economic Insitutions4%
  • Questions: 2,242
  • Two-Part Items: 23
  • Vocabulary Terms: 515
  • Performance Tasks: 137
  • Instructional Videos: 140

Test Standards

American Principles & Values
1. (CE.C&G.1.1)  Founding Of A Constitutional Democracy
2. (CE.C&G.1.2)  Enlightenment's Influence
3. (CE.C&G.1.3)  Federalists Vs. Anti-Federalists
4. (CE.C&G.1.4)  American Democratic Ideals
5. (CE.C&G.1.5)  Maintaining Our Constitutional Democracy
Government Structure
1. (CE.C&G.2.1)  Governmental Structures
2. (CE.C&G.2.2)  North Carolina's Government
3. (CE.C&G.2.3)  The "Living" Constitution
4. (CE.C&G.2.4)  U.S. & N.C. Constitutions
5. (CE.C&G.2.5)  U.S. System Of Government
The Legal System
1. (CE.C&G.3.1)  The Rule Of Law
2. (CE.C&G.3.2)  The Legislative Process
3. (CE.C&G.3.3)  Laws & Policies
4. (CE.C&G.3.4)  Protecting Individual Rights
5. (CE.C&G.3.5)  Enforcing Laws
6. (CE.C&G.3.6)  Influencing The Legislative Process
7. (CE.C&G.3.7)  Due Process Of Law
8. (CE.C&G.3.8)  Upholding Individual Rights
Democracy & Participation
1. (CE.C&G.4.1)  Comparing Governments
2. (CE.C&G.4.2)  Our Political Identity
3. (CE.C&G.4.3)  Roles Of Citizens
4. (CE.C&G.4.4)  Obligations Of Citizens
5. (CE.C&G.4.5)  Citizenship & Naturalization
Balancing Interests & Conflicts
1. (CE.C&G.5.1)  The Election Process
2. (CE.C&G.5.2)  Judicial Process
3. (CE.C&G.5.3)  Balancing Governmental Power
4. (CE.C&G.5.4)  Foreign Policy
5. (CE.C&G.5.5)  Policy Arguments
Making Financial Decisions
1. (CE.PFL.1.1)  Individual Financial Plans & Goals
2. (CE.PFL.1.2)  Personal Budgeting
3. (CE.PFL.1.3)  Bank Accounts
4. (CE.PFL.1.4)  Credit
5. (CE.PFL.1.5)  Saving And Investing
6. (CE.PFL.1.6)  Investing And Taxes
Risk Management
1. (CE.PFL.2.1)  Consumer Empowerment
2. (CE.PFL.2.2)  Fraud
3. (CE.PFL.2.3)  Consumer Protection
4. (CE.PFL.2.4)  Insurance
5. (CE.PFL.2.5)  Resolving Consumer Conflict
Economies and Markets
1. (CE.E.1.1)  Economic Systems
2. (CE.E.1.2)  Market Economies
3. (CE.E.1.3)  Supply & Demand
4. (CE.E.1.4)  Incentives In A Market Economy
5. (CE.E.1.5)  Market Structures
6. (CE.E.1.6)  Government Economic Activity
Economic Interdependence
1. (CE.E.2.1)  Trade
2. (CE.E.2.2)  Specialization & Interdependence
3. (CE.E.2.3)  International Trade
4. (CE.E.2.4)  NC & The World Economy
Government Economic Insitutions
1. (CE.E.3.1)  Macroeconomic Indicators
2. (CE.E.3.2)  Fiscal & Monetary Policy
3. (CE.E.3.3)  Organizations & The Economy