North Carolina Math III (NCSCoS) Practice

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Number and Quantity5%
Statistics and Probability5%
  • Questions: 3,750
  • Two-Part Items: 39
  • Vocabulary Terms: 329
  • Performance Tasks: 215
  • Instructional Videos: 153

Test Standards

Number and Quantity
1. (NC.M3.N-CN-9)  Fundamental Theorem Of Algebra
1. (NC.M3.A-SSE-1a)  Parts Of An Expression
2. (NC.M3.A-SSE-1b)  Complex Expressions
3. (NC.M3.A-SSE-2)  Equivalent Expressions
4. (NC.M3.A-SSE.3c )  Exponential Expressions
5. (NC.M3.A-APR-2)  Remainder Theorem
6. (NC.M3.A-APR-3)  Factors, Solutions, Zeros
7. (NC.M3.A-APR-6)  Rational Expressions
8. (NC.M3.A-APR-7)  Rational Expression Arithmetic
9. (NC.M3.A-CED-1)  Create Equations And Inequalities
10. (NC.M3.A-CED-2)  Use Two Variables
11. (NC.M3.A-CED-3)  Create Systems
12. (NC.M3.A-REI-1)  Justify Solutions
13. (NC.M3.A-REI-2)  Rational & Radical Equations
14. (NC.M3.A-REI-11)  Graphs And Solutions
1. (NC.M3.F-IF.1 )  Trig Ratios As Functions
2. (NC.M3.F-IF-2)  Piecewise Functions
3. (NC.M3.F-IF.4)  Key Features
4. (NC.M3F-IF-7)  Analyze Functions
5. (NC.M3.F-IF-9)  Compare Functions
6. (NC.M3.F-BF-1a)  Build Functions
7. (NC.M3.F-BF-1b)  Combine Functions
8. (NC.M3.F-BF-3 )  Graph Transformations
9. (NC.M3.F-BF-4a)  Inverse Relationships
10. (NC.M3.F-BF.4bc)  Inverse Functions
11. (NC.M3.F-LE-3)  Compare End Behavior
12. (NC.M3.F-LE-4)  Use Logarithms
13. (NC.M3.F-TF-1)  Radian Measure
14. (NC.M3.F-TF-2)  Unit Circle
15. (NC.M3.F-TF-5)  Periodic Phenomena
1. (NC.M3.G-CO.10)  Centers Of Triangles
2. (NC.M3.G-CO.11)  Parallelogram Theorems
3. (NC.M3.G-CO.14)  Prove And Solve
4. (NC.M3.G-C.2)  Circle Theorems
5. (NC.M3.G-C.5)  Arcs, Sectors, Radians
6. (NC.M3.G-GPE.1 )  Derive Circle Equation
7. (NC.M3.G-GMD.3)  Volume Formulas
8. (NC.M3.G-GMD.4)  Cross Sections
9. (NC.M3.G-MG.1)  Geometric Modeling
Statistics and Probability
1. (NC.M3.S-IC.1)  Inferences
2. (NC.M3.S-IC.3)  Surveys, Experiments, Studies
3. (NC.M3.S-IC.4)  Margin Of Error
4. (NC.M3.S-IC.5)  Compare Samples
5. (NC.M3.S-IC.6)  Evaluate Reports