North Carolina 3rd Grade Science (NCES) Practice

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Physical Science (P) 33%
Earth Science (E) 33%
Life Science (L) 34%
  • Questions 681
  • Vocabulary Terms 122
  • Performance Tasks 53
  • Instructional Videos 32

Test Standards

Physical Science (P)
1. (3.P.1.1)  Speed or direction changes
2. (3.P.1.2)  Compare relative speeds
3. (3.P.1.3)  Effects of earth's gravity
4. (3.P.2.1)  Air
5. (3.P.2.2)  Solids, liquids, and gases
6. (3.P.2.3)  Changes caused by heat
7. (3.P.3.1)  Energy transfer by rubbing
8. (3.P.3.2)  Energy transfer by contact
Earth Science (E)
1. (3.E.1.1)  Components of the Solar System
2. (3.E.1.2)  Patterns of the Solar System
3. (3.E.2.1)  Earth's Saltwater & Freshwater Features
4. (3.E.2.2)  Earth's Land Features
Life Science (L)
1. (3.L.1.1)  Skeletal & Muscular Systems
2. (3.L.1.2)  Skin
3. (3.L.2.1)  Functions of Plant Structures
4. (3.L.2.2)  Environmental Conditions
5. (3.L.2.3)  Stages of Seed Plants' Life Cycle
6. (3.L.2.4)  Properties & Components of Soil