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3rd Grade Social Studies (prior version) Practice

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  • Questions 454
  • Vocabulary Terms 139
  • Performance Tasks 25
  • Instructional Videos 34

Test Standards

  1. (3.H.1.1) Historical Events
  2. (3.H.1.2) Historical Figures
  3. (3.H.1.3) Community Ideas
  4. (3.H.2.1) Change Over Time
  5. (3.H.2.2) Historical Perspectives
  1. (3.G.1.1) Absolute & Relative Location
  2. (3.G.1.2) Characteristics of Places
  3. (3.G.1.3) Adapting to Change
  4. (3.G.1.4) Movement in Communities
  5. (3.G.1.5) Elements of Regions
  6. (3.G.1.6) Comparing Regions
  1. (3.E.1.1 & .2) Location and Resources
  2. (3.E.2.1 &.2) Entrepreneurs
  1. (3.C&G.1.1) Developing Local Government
  2. (3.C&G.1.2) Structure of Local Government
  3. (3.C&G.1.3) Three Branches of Local Government
  4. (3.C&G.2.1) Contributing to Community
  5. (3.C&G.2.2) Community & Environment
  6. (3.C&G.2.3) Civic Engagement
  1. (3.C.1.1) Comparing Regional Cutlures
  2. (3.C.1.2) Artistic Expression
  3. (3.C.1.3) Non-fiction Texts

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