North Carolina 4th Grade Science (NCES) Practice

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Physical (P) 33%
Earth Science (E) 33%
Life Science (L) 34%
  • Questions 901
  • Vocabulary Terms 144
  • Performance Tasks 68
  • Instructional Videos 36

Test Standards

Physical (P)
1. (4.P.1.1)  Magnets
2. (4.P.1.2)  Electrically Charged Objects
3. (4.P.2.1)  Physical Properties of Matter
4. (4.P.2.2)  Identification of Minerals
5. (4.P.2.3)  Classify Rocks
6. (4.P.3.1)  Forms of Energy
7. (4.P.3.2)  Path of Light
Earth Science (E)
1. (4.E.1.1)  Cause of Day & Night
2. (4.E.1.2)  Appearance of the Moon
3. (4.E.2.1)  Compare Fossils
4. (4.E.2.2)  Earth's Early Environments
5. (4.E.2.3)  Changes to Earth's Surface
Life Science (L)
1. (4.L.1.1)  Changes in an Organism's Environment
2. (4.L.1.2)  Animal Behaviors
3. (4.L.1.3)  Human Behavior
4. (4.L.1.4)  Differences Among Animals
5. (4.L.2.1)  Food or Non-Food
6. (4.L.2.2)  Role of Vitamins, Minerals, & Exercise