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READY 5th Grade Social Studies EOG Practice and Test Prep

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  • Questions 821
  • Vocabulary Terms 260
  • Performance Tasks 56
  • Instructional Videos 78

Test Standards

  1. (5.H.1.1) Explorers & Native Americans
  2. (5.H.1.2) Colonial Life
  3. (5.H.1.3) U.S. History (to 1877)
  4. (5.H.2.1) The Founding Fathers
  5. (5.H.2.2) Major Historical Figures
  6. (5.H.2.3) Women & Minorities (to 1877)
  1. (5.G.1.1) New World Geography
  2. (5.G.1.2) Human Geographic Impact
  3. (5.G.1.3) Technological Advances & Geography
  4. (5.G.1.4) Migration & Immigration
  1. (5.E.1.1) International Trade
  2. (5.E.1.2) Economic Growth in the U.S.
  3. (5.E.2.1) Developing a Budget
  4. (5.E.2.2) Using Your Money
  1. (5.C&G.1.1) Influence on U.S. Government
  2. (5.C&G.1.2) Structure of Government
  3. (5.C&G.1.3) Historical Documents
  4. (5.C&G.2.1) Democratic Principles
  5. (5.C&G.2.2) Rights & Responsibilities
  6. (5.C&G.2.3) Rights in the Constitution
  7. (5.C&G.2.4) Civic Participation
  1. (5.C.1.1) Pre-Columbian Indians
  2. (5.C.1.2) Traditions & Technology
  3. (5.C.1.3) Regions of the U.S.
  4. (5.C.1.4) Cultural Narratives

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