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5th Grade Social Studies (NCSCOS) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (5.G.1.4;H.1.2) Early Native Settlements
  2. (5.G.1.1,1.2) North American Exploration
  3. (5.1.2,1.3) Reasons for Colonization
  4. (5.B.1.1;E.1.3) The British Colonies
  5. (5.B.1.2;C&G.2.1,H.1.1) Cooperation & Conflict
  1. (5.E.1.1;H.1.3) Colonial Leaders
  2. (H.1.3,1.5) Causes of the American Revolution
  3. (5.B.1.1;C&G.2.1) The Declaration of Independence
  4. (5.H.1.3) Fighting the Revolution
  5. (5.G.1.1) American Revolution: Foreign Aid
  6. (5.H.1.1,1.5) American Revolution: Women & Minorities
  7. (5.H.1.3,1.6) Winning the War
  1. (5.H.1.3) Articles of Confederation
  2. (5.C&G.1.1;H.1.3) Creating the Constitution
  3. (5.C&G.2.2) Constitutional Principles
  4. (5.C&G.2.2) The Bill of Rights
  5. (5.C&G.1.1,1.2,2.2) The Three Branches of Government
  1. (5.G.1.1-1.4) Early Westward Expansion
  2. (5.B.1.2;G.1.4;H.1.5) Manifest Destiny
  3. (5.G.1.1-1.4) Acquiring New Lands
  4. (5.B.1.2;E.1.1;G.1.2,1.4) Expansion and Native Americans
  5. (5.C&G.2.1;G.1.2;H.1.2,1.3) Slavery and Expansion
  1. (5.E.1.1,1.3;G.1.1,1.3) Sectional Differences
  2. (5.B.1.2;H.1.1,1.5) Abolitionists
  3. (5.H.1.2) Causes of the Civil War
  4. (5.H.1.3) Fighting the Civil War
  5. (5.E.1.1-1.4;H.1.3) Effects of the Civil War
  1. (5.B.1.2;C&G.2.2;H.1.2) The Goals of Reconstruction
  2. (5.C&G.2.2) The Effects of Reconstruction
  3. (5.H.1.3) Resistance to Reconstruction
  4. (5.E.1.1,1.3;G.1.3;H.1.4) Reconstruction, the South, & the U.S.
  1. (5.G.1.1,1.3) Factors of Expansion
  2. (5.G.1.3) Technologies of Expansion
  3. (5.E.1.3;G.1.4;H.1.2) Occupational & Ethnic Groups
  4. (5.H.1.1,1.2,1.5) Expansion & Native Americans
  1. (E.1.1-1.3) The Industrial Revolution
  2. (5.B.1.2;E.1.3;G.1.4) Late-19th Century Immigration
  3. (5.E.1.3,1.4) Impact of Industrialization
  4. (5.E.1.2,1.4;H.1.4) The Spanish-American War
  5. (5.H.1.3,1.5) World War I
  1. (5.B.1.1) 1920s Culture
  2. (5.B.1.2;C&G.2.2;H.1.1,1.2) Women's Rights in the 1920s
  3. (5.E.1.1,1.2,1.4;G.1.3) Start of the Great Depression
  4. (5.E.1.1,1.2;H.1.3) The New Deal
  5. (5.B.1.1;H.1.1) 1930s Culture
  1. (5.H.1.3) Axis Aggression
  2. (5.H.1.3,1.4) World War II: Major Events
  3. (5.H.1.4) World War II: The Atomic Bomb
  4. (5.C&G.2.2;E.1.2;H.1.1,1.2) World War II: Domestic Effects
  1. (H.1.2,1.5) The United Nations
  2. (5.H.1.3) The Iron Curtain
  3. (5.H.1.4,1.5) 1950s Cold War Conflicts
  4. (5.H.1.4,1.5) 1960s Cold War Conflicts
  1. (5.C&G.1.2,2.2;H.1.3) The Civil Rights Movement: Important Changes
  2. (5.B.1.2;C&G.2.1;H.1.1,1.2,1.4) The Civil Rights Movement: Important People & Groups
  3. (5.B.1.2;C&G.2.1;H.1.1,1.2,1.4) Expanding Rights for More Americans
  1. (5.H.1.3,1.4) The Cold War Ends
  2. (5.E.1.1,1.3,1.4;G.1.3) The Internet Age
  3. (5.H.1.3,1.4) The Impact of September 11
  4. (5.E.2.1) Using Your Money
  5. (5.E.2.2,2.3) Developing a Budget
  6. (5.H.1.6) Patriotic Symbols

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