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North Carolina Advanced Functions and Modeling Final Exam Review

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  • Vocabulary Terms 148
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Test Standards

  1. (1.01a) Constants, coefficients, bases
  2. (1.01b) Check for goodness-of-fit
  3. (1.02ab) Data collection & surveys
  4. (1.02c) Central tendency & spread
  5. (1.01d) Normal curve
  6. (1.02ef) Univariate data
  7. (1.03ab) Addition/multiplication principles
  8. (1.03c) Simulations
  9. (1.03d) Expected value
  10. (1.03e) Discrete random variables
  11. (1.03f) Binomial theorem
  1. (2.01) Logarithmic models
  2. (2.02) Piecewise-defined functions
  3. (2.03) Power functions
  4. (2.04ab) Trig function models
  5. (2.04c) Laws of sines and cosines
  6. (2.05ab) Sums of sequences
  7. (2.05c) Series convergence
  8. (2.05d) Recursive and explicit

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