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Civic Literacy (NCSCOS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,522
  • Vocabulary Terms 367
  • Performance Tasks 90
  • Instructional Videos 101

Test Standards

  1. (CL.H.1.1) Founding a Democratic Republic
  2. (CL.C&G.1.1) Founding Documents
  3. (CL.H.1.3) Federalists &. Anti-Federalists
  4. (CL.B.1.3,1.4) Principles of Democracy
  5. (CL.C&G.1.2,2.1) Maintaining Our Democracy
  1. (CL.C&G.4.1-4.3) Structure of Governments
  2. (CL.C&G.4.1-4.3) Government of North Carolina
  3. (CL.C&G.4.3,4.5) A Living Constitution
  4. (CL.C&G.4.3) U.S. & N.C. Constitutions
  5. (CL.C&G.2.2,2.3) Federalism
  1. (CL.B.1.1,1.4) The Rule of Law
  2. (CL.C&G.2.1) The Legislative Process
  3. (CL.B.1.2,1.3) Function of Laws
  4. (CL.C&G.4.4-4.6) Individual Rights
  5. (CL.C&G.2.2,2.3) Enforcing the Law
  6. (CL.C&G.3.5,3.6) Linkage Institutions
  7. (CL.C&G.4.1-4.6) Due Process
  8. (CL.C&G.4.5) Upholding Our Rights
  1. (CL.C&G.2.4) Comparing Systems of Governments
  2. (CL.H.1.6) The U.S. Political Identity
  3. (CL.C&G.3.1,B.1.1) The Role of the Citizens
  4. (CL.B.1.4,C&G.3.4) Citizen Obligations
  5. (CL.C&G.3.3,3.4) Citizenship
  6. (CL.C&G.3.2,H.1.4,1.5) Addressing Injustice
  7. (CL.G.1.2) Participation Factors
  1. (CL.C&G.3.7) Elections
  2. (CL.C&G.4.1,H.1.5) The Judicial Process
  3. (CL.B.1.2,C&G.1.2) Bureaucratic Power
  4. (CL.G.1.3) Foreign Policy Powers
  5. (CL.H.1.2,1.4) Making Policy
  6. (CL.E.1.1) The Economic Role of Government
  7. (CL.E.1.2) The World Economy
  8. (CL.G.1.1) Immigration, Migration, & the Environment

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