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  • Vocabulary Terms 270
  • Performance Tasks 277
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Test Standards

  1. (RL.9.1) Cite textual evidence
  2. (RL.9.2) Theme
  3. (RL.9.3) Complex characters
  4. (RL.9.4) Meaning of words
  5. (RL.9.5) Aauthor's choices
  6. (RL.9.6) Point of view/cultural experience
  7. (RL.9.7) Different mediums
  8. (RL.9.9) Author draws on source
  1. (RI.9.1) Cite textual evidence
  2. (RI.9.2) Central idea
  3. (RI.9.3) Series of ideas/events
  4. (RI.9.4) Meaning of words/phrases
  5. (RI.9.5) Development of ideas
  6. (RI.9.6) Point of view/purpose
  7. (RI.9.7) Different mediums
  8. (RI.9.8) Delineate and evaluate
  9. (RI.9.9) Seminal US documents
  1. (W.9.1ab) Precise Claims
  2. (W.9.1c) Develop Claims
  3. (W.9.1d) Link Sections
  4. (W.9.1f) Concluding Statement
  5. (W.9.2ab) Introduce Topic
  6. (W.9.2c) Develop Topic
  7. (W.9.2d) Use Transitions
  8. (W.9.2e) Language and Vocab
  9. (W.9.2f) Objective Tone
  10. (W.9.2g) Concluding Statement
  11. (W.9.3ab) Engage/orient
  12. (W.9.3c) Narrative techniques
  13. (W.9.3d) Sequence Events
  14. (W.9.3e) Vivid Picture
  15. (W.9.3f) Conclusion
  16. (W.9.5) Research topic
  17. (W.9.6) Gather information
  1. (SL.9.1b) Set rules
  2. (SL.9.1d) Respond thoughtfully
  3. (SL.9.4) Present information
  1. (L.9.1a) Parallel structure
  2. (L.9.1b) Various types of phrases/clauses
  3. (L.9.2a) Semicolon
  4. (L.9.2b) Colon
  5. (9.L.2c) Spell correctly
  6. (9.L.3a) Write and edit work
  7. (9.L.4a) Use context
  8. (9.L.4a) Word changes
  9. (9.L.4c) Reference materials
  10. (9.L.5a) Fgures of speech
  11. (9.L.5b) Nuances

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