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Pre-Calculus (NCSCoS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,361
  • Vocabulary Terms 168
  • Performance Tasks 83
  • Instructional Videos 95

Test Standards

  1. (1.01) Transform Relations
  2. (1.02a)  Solve using tables
  3. (1.02b) Constants and Coefficients
  4. (1.03) Vectors
  1. (2.01a) Use Functions
  2. (2.01b) Interpret the constants
  3. (2.02a) Trigonometric functions
  4. (2.02b) Transformations
  5. (2.02c) Law of sines and cosines
  6. (2.03a) Data and Interpretations
  7. (2.03b) Data and Models
  8. (2.04) Composition and Inverse
  9. (2.05a) Polar Equations
  10. (2.05b) Interpret Polar Equations
  11. (2.06) Parametric Equations
  12. (2.07a) Finite Sequence Sum
  13. (2.07b) Infinite Sequence Sum
  14. (2.07c) Converges or Diverges
  15. (2.07d) Recursive and Explicit
  16. (2.08) Limit of Function

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