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6th Grade Science (NCSCOS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,674
  • Vocabulary Terms 250
  • Performance Tasks 130
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Test Standards

  1. (6.P.1.1) Wave properties
  2. (6.P.1.2) Sight
  3. (6.P.1.3) Sound & hearing
  1. (6.P.2.1) Atoms
  2. (6.P.2.2) Effect of heat
  3. (6.P.2.3) Properties of substances
  1. (6.P.3.1) Heat energy
  2. (6.P.3.2) Electromagnetic waves
  3. (6.P.3.3) Material suitability
  1. (6.E.1.1) Relative motion & position
  2. (6.E.1.2) Properties of planets
  3. (6.E.1.3) Space exploration
  1. (6.E.2.1) Structure of earth
  2. (6.E.2.2) Crustal plates & ocean basins
  3. (6.E.2.3) Formation of soil
  4. (6.E.2.4) Health of humans
  1. (6.L.1.1) Flowering plants
  2. (6.L.1.2) Plant/organism processes
  1. (6.L.2.1) Energy from sun
  2. (6.L.2.2) Survival
  3. (6.L.2.3) Abiotic factors

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