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6th Grade Social Studies (prior version) Practice

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  • Questions 728
  • Vocabulary Terms 201
  • Performance Tasks 63
  • Instructional Videos 74

Test Standards

  1. (6.H.2.1) Invasions & Conquests
  2. (6.H.2.2) Continuity & Change
  3. (6.H.2.3) Innovation & Technology
  4. (6.H.2.4) Key Historical Figures
  1. (6.G.1.1) Geography's Influence
  2. (6.G.1.2) Movement of People
  3. (6.G.1.3) Characteristics of Regions
  4. (6.G.1.4) Environmental Adaptation
  1. (6.E.1.1) Civilizations & Economic Development
  2. (6.E.1.2) Quality of Life
  1. (6.C&G.1.1) Origins of Governments
  2. (6.C&G.1.2) Shaping Political Thought
  3. (6.C&G.1.3) Citizenship and Responsibility
  4. (6.C&G.1.4) Legal Systems
  1. (6.C.1.1) Cultural Expressions
  2. (6.C.1.2) Religion & Society
  3. (6.C.1.3) Social Structure

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