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7th Grade Science (NCSCOS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,075
  • Vocabulary Terms 210
  • Performance Tasks 112
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Test Standards

  1. (7.P.1.1) Motion of an object
  2. (7.P.1.2) Effects of forces
  3. (7.P.1.3) Illustrate motion
  4. (7.P.1.4) Interpret graphs
  1. (7.P.2.1) Kinetic & potential energy
  2. (7.P.2.2) Model/diagram energy transformation
  3. (7.P.2.3) Energy transfer
  4. (7.P.2.4) Simple machines
  1. (7.E.1.1) Earth's atmosphere
  2. (7.E.1.2) Cycling of water
  3. (7.E.1.3) Weather events
  4. (7.E.1.4) Weather conditions & patterns
  5. (7.E.1.5) Influences on weather
  6. (7.E.1.6) Health of humans
  1. (7.L.1.1) Single-celled organisms
  2. (7.L.1.2) Plant & animal cells
  3. (7.L.1.3) Multi-cellular organisms
  4. (7.L.1.4) Human body systems
  1. (7.L.2.1) Offspring
  2. (7.L.2.2) Patterns of heredity
  3. (7.L.2.3) Biological inheritance & survival

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