8th Grade Science EOG (NCES) Practice

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Matter: Properties and Change 15%
Energy Conservation and Transfer 10%
Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes 14%
Earth History 12%
Structure and Function of Living Organisms 17%
Ecosystems 10%
Evolution and Genetics 12%
Molecular Biology 10%
  • Questions 2,771
  • Vocabulary Terms 279
  • Performance Tasks 184
  • Instructional Videos 80

Test Standards

Matter: Properties and Change
1. (8P.1.1.)  Classify matter as elements, compounds, or mixtures
2. (8.P.1.2)  Physical properties, reactivity, and the periodic table
3. (8P.1.3.)  Physical versus chemical changes
4. (8.P.1.4.)  Chemical equations and conservation of mass
Energy Conservation and Transfer
1. (8.P.2.1.)  Energy resources and the environment
2. (8.P.2.2.)  Conservation of renewable and nonrenewable resources
Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes
1. (8.E.1.1)  The structure of the hydrosphere
2. (8.E.1.2.)  Earth's oceans
3. (8.E.1.3.)  Safety and potability of NC water supplies
4. (8.E.1.4.)  The hydrosphere and human health
Earth History
1. (8.E.2.1.)  Infer the of Earth using relative dating techniques
2. (8.E.2.2.)  Evidence of Earth's history and changing life forms
Structure and Function of Living Organisms
1. (8.L.1.1.)  Agents of disease: spread, treatment, and prevention
2. (8.L.1.2.)  Epidemic versus pandemic
3. (8.L.2.1.)  Biotechnology and its effect of life forms
1. (8.L.3.1.)  Limiting factors and populations
2. (8.L.3.2.)  Relationships among organisms in an ecosystem
3. (8.L.3.3.)  Flow of energy and matter through cycles on Earth
Evolution and Genetics
1. (8.L.4.1.)  Evidence for biological classification and the theory of evolution
2. (8.L.4.2.)  Adaptation and genetic variation
Molecular Biology
1. (8.L.5.1.)  The role of food in providing energy and the molecules of life.
2. (8.L.5.2.)  Health, diet, and exercise