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6th Grade Social Studies (NCSCOS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,383
  • Vocabulary Terms 236
  • Performance Tasks 69
  • Instructional Videos 83

Test Standards

  1. (6.G.1.1,1.2) Hunter-Gatherers
  2. (6.G.1.3,1.4) Agricultural Revolution
  3. (6.B.1.1,1.3;C&G.1.1,1.2;E.1.2) River Valley Civilizations
  4. (6.B.1.1,1.3) World Religions
  1. (6.B.1.1,1.2;C&G.1.3;H.1.2) Hellenic Greece
  2. (6.B.1.1,1.2;C&G.1.6;H.1.2) Hellenistic Greece
  3. (6.B.1.2,1.3;C&G.1.1,1.2;H.1.2) Roman Civilization
  4. (6.C&G.1.3,1.4,1.5;H.1,1.3) Rome: Republic to Empire
  5. (6.C&G.1.4,1.6;G.1.2;H.1.2) Fall of Rome, Rise of Byzantium
  6. (6.B.1.1,1.2) Greek & Roman Polytheism
  1. (6.B.1.1-1.3;E.1.1;G.1.3) Qing-Ming China
  2. (6.B.1.1-1.3;C&G.1.1,1.2) Feudal Japan
  3. (6.B.1.1-1.3;C&G.1.1,1.2) Classic India
  4. (6.B.1.1,1.3;E.1.1;G.1.1-1.4) Islam: Origin & Beliefs
  1. (6.1.1-1.3;C&G.1.5;E.1.1;G.1.2) Ghana, Mali, Songhai
  2. (6.E.1.1;G.1.2-1.4) African Trade
  3. (6.B.1.1,1.3;G&G.1.1;G.1.3) Maya, Aztecs, & Inca
  4. (6.B.1.1,1.3;C&G.1.5;G.1.4) Native American Cultures
  1. (6.C&G.1.1,1.2,1.4) European Feudalism
  2. (6.C&G.1.2,1.4;H.1.1,1.3) Magna Carta
  3. (6.E.1.1,1.2;G.1.3;H.1.2,1.3) The Crusades
  4. (6.B.1.1-1.3;C&G.1.2) Influence of the Catholic Church
  5. (6.C&G.1.6;E.1.2;G.1.2;H.1.3) The Bubonic Plague

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