North Carolina Physical Science (NCES) Practice

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Forces and Motion15%
Matter: Properties and Change55%
Energy: Conservation and Transfer30%
  • Questions: 1,820
  • Two-Part Items: 25
  • Vocabulary Terms: 201
  • Performance Tasks: 176
  • Instructional Videos: 76

Test Standards

Forces and Motion
1. (PSc.1.1.1)  Explain Motion
2. (PSc.1.1.2)  Compare Speed, Velocity, Acceleration And Momentum
3. (PSc.1.2.1)  Gravity And Weight
4. (PSc.1.2.2)  Frictional Forces
5. (PSc.1.2.3)  Newtons Laws
Matter: Properties and Change
1. (PSc.2.1.1 )  Classify Matter
2. (PSc.2.1.2 )  Phases Of Matter
3. (PSc.2.1.3 )  Physical And Chemical Properties
4. (PSc.2.1.4 )  Bohr Models And Electron Dot
5. (PSc.2.2.1 )  Periodic Table And Reactivity
6. (PSc.2.2.2 )  Types Of Chemical Bonds
7. (PSc.2.2.3 )  Chemical Formulas And Names
8. (PSc.2.2.4 )  Conservation Of Mass
9. (PSc.2.2.5 )  Classify Reaction Types
10. (PSc.2.2.6 )  Acids And Bases
11. (PSc.2.3.1 )  Nuclear Reactions
12. (PSc.2.3.2 )  Half-life And Radioactive Decay
Energy: Conservation and Transfer
1. (PSc.3.1.1)  Transfer Of Thermal Energy
2. (PSc.3.1.2 )  Law Of Conservation Of Energy
3. (PSc.3.1.3 )  Explain Work
4. (PSc.3.1.4)  Work, Power, And Machines
5. (PSc.3.2.1)  Wave Frequency, Period, Velocity
6. (PSc.3.2.2)  Compare Types Of Waves
7. (PSc.3.2.3)  Classify Waves
8. (PSc.3.2.4)  Wave Interactions
9. (PSc.3.3.1)  Static And Current Electricity
10. (PSc.3.3.2)  Circuits And Ohms Law
11. (PSc.3.3.3)  Influencing Current
12. (PSc.3.3.4)  Explain Magnetism
13. (PSc.3.3.5)  Practical Applications Of Magnetism