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  • Questions 2,134
  • Vocabulary Terms 383
  • Performance Tasks 198
  • Instructional Videos 89

Test Standards

  1. (S:ESS1:11:4.1) Predicting Events
  2. (S:ESS1:11:5.4) Provide evidence
  3. (S:ESS1:11:5.5) Plate tectonics
  4. (S:ESS1:11:5.6) Heat fuel geologic process
  5. (S:ESS1:11:3.2) Geologic time
  1. (S:ESS3:11:3.5) Scientific theories
  2. (S:ESS3:11:3.3) Provide scientific evidence
  3. (S:ESS3:11:3.4) Movement, location of objects
  4. (S:ESS3:11:2.3) Nuclear reactions
  1. (S:LS1:11:2.8) Use data and observation
  2. (S:LS1:11:3.4) DNA sequence
  1. (S:LS2:11:1.5) Explain relationships
  2. (S:LS2:11:2.3) Cycling of matter
  3. (S:LS2:11:1.6) Potential bias
  1. (S:LS3:11:2.5) Technological advances
  2. (S:LS3:11:3.9) Sexual reproduction
  3. (S:LS3:11:2.6) Inherited characteristics
  1. (S:LS4:11:2.6) Make & support conclusions
  2. (S:LS4:11:3.3) Immune system
  1. (S:PS1:11:2.6) physical & chemical properties
  2. (S:PS1:11:1.5) Atomic theory
  3. (S:PS1:11:2.7) Elements related
  4. (S:PS1:11:1.6) Atom structure
  1. (S:PS2:11:2.5) Transformations of energy
  2. (S:PS2:11:3.10) Chemical changes
  3. (S:PS2:11:1.5) Electric charges
  1. (S:PS3:11:1.8) Motion of objects
  2. (S:PS3:11:2.3) Forces and motion
  3. (S:PS3:11:2.4) Wavelength and frequency

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