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11th Grade ELA (NJSLS) Practice

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  • Questions 4,473
  • Vocabulary Terms 246
  • Performance Tasks 263
  • Instructional Videos 105

Test Standards

  1. (RL.11.1) Cite evidence
  2. (RL.11.2) Themes and central ideas
  3. (RL.11.3) Author's choices
  4. (RL.11.4) Word meanings
  5. (RL.11.5) Structure a text
  6. (RL.11.6) Grasp point of view
  7. (RL.11.9) Background knowledge
  1. (R1.11.1) Cite evidence
  2. (RI.11.2) Central ideas
  3. (RI.11.3) Complex ideas/sequences
  4. (R.11.4) Word meanings
  5. (RI.11.5) Exposition and argument
  6. (RI.11.6) Point of view and purpose
  7. (RI.11.8) Seminal US texts
  8. (RI.11.9) Significant documents
  1. (W.11.1A) Introduce claims and organize
  2. (W.11.1B) Develop claims and counterclaims
  3. (W.11.1C) Link text sections
  4. (W.11.1d) Formal style and tone
  5. (W.11.1E) Concluding statement
  6. (W.11.2A) Introduce and organize
  7. (W.11.2B) Develop topic
  8. (W.11.2C) Link text sections
  9. (W.11.2D) Precise language
  10. (W.11.2E) Formal style and tone
  11. (W.11.2F) Concluding statement
  12. (W.11.3A) Engage and orient the reader
  13. (W.11.3B) Narrative techniques
  14. (W.11.3C) Sequence events
  15. (W.11.3D) Precise words and phrases
  16. (W.11.3E) Provide a conclusion
  17. (W.11.5) Plan, revise, edit
  18. (W.11.7) Research a topic
  19. (W.11.8) Gather information
  1. (L.11.1A) Usage as convention
  2. (L.11.2) Hyphenation
  3. (L.11.2B) Spell correctly
  4. (L.11.3A) Vary syntax
  5. (L.11.4A) Context clues
  6. (L.11.4B) Word changes
  7. (L.11.4C) Reference materials
  8. (L.11.5A) Figures of speech
  9. (L.11.5B) Nuances

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