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  • Questions 4,512
  • Vocabulary Terms 300
  • Performance Tasks 246
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Test Standards

  1. (N.CN.A.1) Complex numbers
  2. (N.CN.A.2) Complex number arithmetic
  3. (N.CN.C.7) Complex Solutions
  4. (N.CN.C.9) Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
  5. (A.REI.B.4b) Solve quadratics
  6. (A.SSE.A.2) Use structure to rewrite
  7. (A.SSE.B.4) Sum Geometric Series
  8. (A.APR.B.2) Remainder Theorem
  9. (A.APR.B.3) Zeros of Polynomials
  10. (A.APR.C.4) Polynomial identities
  1. (N.RN.A.1) Rational exponents
  2. (N.RN.A.2) Rewrite exponentials
  3. (A.APR.D.6) Rational expressions
  4. (A.REI.A.1) Explain steps
  5. (A.REI.A.2) Rational/Radical Equations
  6. (A.REI.C.6) Linear systems
  7. (A.REI.C.7) Nonlinear system
  8. (A.SSE.B.3c) Exponential Properties
  9. (F.IF.B.4) Function model features
  1. (A.REI.D.11) Graphs and Solutions
  2. (F.BF.A.2) Explicit/Recursive Sequences
  3. (F.LE.B.5) Interpret parameters
  4. (F.BF.B.4a) Inverse functions
  5. (F.TF.A.1) Radian measure
  6. (F.TF.A.2) Unit circle trig
  7. (F.TF.B.5) Model with trig functions
  8. (F.TF.C.8) Pythagorean Identity
  9. (F.IF.B.4) Function model features
  10. (F.IF.C.7e) Graph functions
  1. (N.Q.A.3) Accuracy
  2. (G.GPE.A.2) Parabola equations
  3. (F.IF.B.4) Function model features
  4. (F.IF.B.6) Avg Rate of Change
  5. (F.IF.C.7b) Graph root, piecewise, etc.
  6. (F.IF.C.7e) Graph exp/log functions
  7. (F.IF.C.8b) Exponential Properties
  8. (F.IF.C.9) Compare function properties
  9. (F.BF.A.1b) Build functions
  10. (F.BF.B.3) Graph transformations
  11. (F.LE.A.4) Express solutions as logs
  1. (S.CP.A.1) Events
  2. (S.CP.A.2) Independence
  3. (S.CP.A.3) Conditional probability
  4. (S.CP.A.4) Two-way freq tables
  5. (S.CP.A.5) Everyday language
  6. (S.CP.B.6) Calculate conditional probs
  7. (S.CP.B.7) Addition rule
  8. (S.IC.A.1) Nature of statistics
  9. (S.IC.A.2) Models
  10. (S.IC.B.3) Surveys, Experiments, Studies
  11. (S.IC.B.4) Estimate means/proportions
  12. (S.IC.B.5) Compare treatments
  13. (S.IC.B.6) Reports

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