NM EOC Algebra I Practice and Test Review

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Create and Rearrange Equations and Functions 30%
Solving Equations 16%
Graphing 14%
Interpreting Functions 32%
Statistics 8%
  • Questions 3,058
  • Vocabulary Terms 190
  • Performance Tasks 192
  • Instructional Videos 124

Test Standards

Create and Rearrange Equations and Functions
1. (A-SSE-1a)  Interpret parts
2. (A-SSE-1b)  Interpret complicated expressions
3. (A-SSE-2)  Expression structure
4. (A-APR-1)  Polynomials form
5. (A-CED-1)  Create equations and inequalities
6. (A-CED-2)  Create equations
7. (A-CED-3)  Represent constraints
8. (A-CED-4)  Rearrange formulas
Solving Equations
1. (A-REI-1)  Explain steps in solving simple equation
2. (A-REI-3)  Linear equations & inequalities
3. (A-REI-4a)  completing the square method
4. (A-REI-4b)  Solve quadratic equations
5. (A-REI-6)  Solve systems of linear equations
1. (F-BF-1a)  Determine an explicit expression
2. (F-BF-1b.)  Combine standard function types
3. (F-BF-1c)  Compose functions
4. (F-BF-3 )  Effect on the graph
5. (A-REI-10)  Equation graph
6. (A-REI-12)  Graph solutions
7. (F-LE-3)  Observe using graphs & tables
Interpreting Functions
1. (F-IF-1 )  Element of range
2. (F-IF-2)  Function notation
3. (F-IF-3)  Sequences are functions
4. (F-IF-4)  Function models relationship
5. (F-IF-5)  Relate domain
6. (F-IF-6)  Rate of change
1. (S-ID.7)  Slope and Intercept
2. (S-ID.8)  Correlation Coefficient