Earth and Space Science (NM SCS) Practice

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Scientific Thinking and Practice 10%
Structure and Function 23%
Characteristics and Evolution of Earth 22%
Energy in Earth's System 23%
Geochemical Cycles 22%
  • Questions 2,050
  • Vocabulary Terms 307
  • Performance Tasks 162
  • Instructional Videos 76

Test Standards

Scientific Thinking and Practice
1. (I-I-1)  Investigation Components
2. (I-I-2)  Design Scientific Investigation
3. (I-I-3)  Equipment and Technologies
4. (I-I-4)  Convey Results of Investigations
5. (I-I-5)  Scientific Theories
6. (I-II-1)  Valid and Reliable Results
7. (I-II-2)  Logic and Reasoning
8. (I-II-3)  New Scientific Knowledge
9. (I-II-4)  Review and Analyze
10. (I-II-5)  Current Interesting Science
11. (I-II-6)  Investigations of Past Events
12. (I-III-1)  Display and Analyze Data
13. (I-III-2)  Mathematical Models
14. (I-III-3)  Use Technologies
15. (I-III-4)  Measurement Errors
16. (I-III-5)  Use Mathematics
Structure and Function
1. (III-I-1)  Scale of Universe
2. (III-1-2)  Position of Objects in Sky
3. (III-I-3)  Advanced Technology
4. (III-I-4)  Big Bang Theory
5. (III-I-5)  Electromagnetic Radiation
6. (III-I-6)  Stars
7. (III-I-7)  New Mexico and Space
Characteristics and Evolution of Earth
1. (III-II-1)  Earth's Spheres
2. (III-II-2)  Age of Earth
3. (III-II-3)  Internal Structure of Earth
4. (III-II-4)  Geologic Time
5. (III-II-5)  Plate Tectonics
Energy in Earth's System
1. (III-II-6)  Internal and External Energy
2. (III-II-7)  Convection
3. (III-II-8)  Circulation of Air and Water
Geochemical Cycles
1. (III-II-9)  Natural Resources
2. (III-II-10)  Earth's Materials
3. (III-II-11)  Atmosphere
4. (III-II-12)  Ground Water