Integrated Science I (STEM Ready!) Practice

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Matter and Its Interactions 25%
Matter and Energy 15%
Earth's Systems 15%
Earth and Human Activity 8%
Ecosystem: Interaction, Energy, and Dynamics 37%
  • Questions 1,425
  • Vocabulary Terms 267
  • Performance Tasks 139
  • Instructional Videos 67

Test Standards

Matter and Its Interactions
1. (HS-PS1-1)  Periodic Table
2. (HS-PS1-2)  Chemical Reactions
3. (HS-PS1-3)  Electrical Forces Between Particles
4. (HS-PS1-5)  Reaction Rates
5. (HS-PS1-6)  Equilibrium
6. (HS-PS1-7)  Conservation of Atoms and Mass
7. (HS-ETS1-4)  Computer Simulation
Matter and Energy
1. (HS-PS1-4)  Energy in Chemical Reactions
2. (HS-PS3-3)  Energy Conversions
3. (HS-PS3-4)  Second Law of Thermodynamics
4. (HS-PS3–5)  Forces Between Objects
Earth's Systems
1. (HS-ESS2-4)  Changes in Climate
2. (HS-ESS2-5)  Water
3. (HS-ESS2-6)  Carbon Cycle
4. (HS-ETS1-3)  Prioritized Criteria and Trade-Offs
Earth and Human Activity
1. (HS-ESS3-2)  Energy and Mineral Resources
2. (HS-ESS3-3)  Sustainability and Biodiversity
Ecosystem: Interaction, Energy, and Dynamics
1. (HS-LS2-1)  Carrying Capacity
2. (HS-LS2-2)  Population and Biodiversity
3. (HS-LS2-4)  Conservation of Matter and Energy
4. (HS-LS2-5)  Carbon Cycle
5. (HS-LS2-6)  Ecosystems
6. (HS-LS2-7)  Human Impact
7. (HS-LS2-7 NM)  New Mexico Solution
8. (HS-LS2-8)  Group Behavior
9. (HS-ETS1-1)  Global Challenges
10. (HS-ETS1-2)  Breaking Down Real-World Problems


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