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Physical Science (NM SCS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,685
  • Vocabulary Terms 310
  • Performance Tasks 263
  • Instructional Videos 117

Test Standards

  1. (I-I-1) Investigation Components
  2. (I-I-2) Design Scientific Investigation
  3. (I-I-3) Equipment and Technologies
  4. (I-I-4) Convey Results of Investigations
  5. (I-I-5) Scientific Theories
  6. (I-II-1) Valid and Reliable Results
  7. (I-II-2) Logic and Reasoning
  8. (I-II-3) New Scientific Knowledge
  9. (I-II-4) Review and Analyze
  10. (I-II-5) Current Interesting Science
  11. (I-II-6) Investigations of Past Events
  12. (I-III-1) Display and Analyze Data
  13. (I-III-2) Mathematical Models
  14. (I-III-3) Use Technologies
  15. (I-III-4) Measurement Errors
  16. (I-III-5) Use Mathematics
  1. (I-I-1) Classify Matter
  2. (I-I-2) Chemical and Physical Properties
  3. (I-I-3) Separate Mixtures
  4. (I-I-4) Periodic Trends
  5. (I-I-5) Atoms and Matter
  6. (I-I-6) Structure of Atoms
  7. (I-I-7) Properties and Electrons
  8. (I-I-8) Predictions and the Periodic Table
  9. (I-I-9) Atom Arrangement Determines Properties
  10. (I-I-10) State of Matter and Atoms
  11. (I-I-11) Atomic Nuclei Change
  1. (I-II-1) Forms of Energy
  2. (I-II-2) Thermal Energy
  3. (I-II-3) Energy Transformation
  4. (I-II-4) Heat Transfer
  5. (I-II-5) How Heat Flows
  6. (I-II-6) Change in Energy
  7. (I-II-7) Energy and Electromagnetic Waves
  8. (I-II-8) Characteristics of Electromagnetic Waves
  9. (I-II-9) Quantum Energy
  10. (I-II-10) Spectroscopy
  11. (I-II-11) Equilibrium
  1. (I-III-1) Forces in Nature
  2. (I-III-2) Gravitational Force
  3. (I-III-3) Electrical Force
  4. (I-III-4) Gas Laws
  5. (I-III-5) Electromagnetism
  6. (I-III-6) Magnitude and Direction of Forces
  7. (I-III-7) Newton's 3rd Law
  8. (I-III-8) Newton's Laws of Motion
  9. (I-III-9) Relative Motion
  10. (I-III-10) Wave Properties
  11. (I-III-11) Wave Interactions
  12. (I-III-12) Practical Uses of Waves

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