Physics (STEM Ready!) Practice

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Forces and Interactions 22%
Energy 20%
Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation 20%
Space Systems 15%
History of Earth 11%
Earth's Systems 8%
New Mexico Specific Standard 4%
Also includes:
  • HS Engineering Design
  • Questions 1,392
  • Vocabulary Terms 256
  • Performance Tasks 113
  • Instructional Videos 58

Test Standards

HS Engineering Design
1. (HS-ETS1-1)  Global Challenges
2. (HS-ETS1-2)  Breaking Down Real-World Problems
3. (HS-ETS1-3)  Prioritized Criteria and Trade-Offs
4. (HS-ETS1-4)  Computer Simulation
Forces and Interactions
1. (HS-PS2-1)  Newton's Second Law of Motion
2. (HS-PS2-2)  Momentum
3. (HS-PS2-3)  Collisions
4. (HS-PS2-4)  Gravitational and Electrostatic Forces
5. (HS-PS2-5)  Electric Currents and Magnetic Fields
6. (HS-PS2-6)  Designed Materials
1. (HS-PS3-1)  Energy Flow
2. (HS-PS3-2)  Energy at the Macroscopic Scale
3. (HS-PS3-3)  Energy Conversions
4. (HS-PS3-4)  Second Law of Thermodynamics
5. (HS-PS3–5)  Forces Between Objects
Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation
1. (HS-PS4-1)  Waves
2. (HS-PS4-2)  Digital Transmission and Storage
3. (HS-PS4-3)  Electromagnetic Radiation
4. (HS-PS4-4)  Photons
5. (HS-PS4-5)  Technological Devices Using Waves
Space Systems
1. (HS-ESS1-1)  Sun
2. (HS-ESS1-2)  Big Bang Theory
3. (HS-ESS1-3)  Stars Produce Elements
4. (HS-ESS1-4)  Solar System
History of Earth
1. (HS-ESS1-5)  Plate Tectonics
2. (HS-ESS1-6)  History of Earth
3. (HS-ESS2-1)  Continental and Ocean Features
Earth's Systems
1. (HS-ESS2-2)  Earth's Feedback Systems
2. (HS-ESS2-3)  Thermal Convection
New Mexico Specific Standard
1. (HS-SS-2 NM)  New Mexico Challenge


Amazing! I use it weekly for quizzes, vocabulary, and assign video snippets for review. I also use the assignments for remediation. This is the best I've used.
- Matthew Ryan, Academy of Richmond County