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NM SBA Science 7th Grade EOC Practice

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  • Questions 1,911
  • Vocabulary Terms 289
  • Performance Tasks 180
  • Instructional Videos 88

Test Standards

  1. (I,I,1) Resources
  2. (I,I,2) Variables
  3. (I,II,1) Bias
  4. (1,II,2) Procedures
  5. (I,II,3) Scientific Explanations
  6. (I,III,1) Sample Size
  7. (I,III,2) Mathematical Expressions
  8. (I,III,3) Appropriate Model
  1. (II,I,I,1) Cycles
  2. (II,I,I,2) Conservation of Mass
  3. (II,I,I,3) Radioactivity
  4. (II,I,I,4) Chemical Changes
  5. (II,I,I,5) Chemical Reactions and Life
  6. (II,I,II,1) Energy Transformation
  7. (II,I,III,1) Forces and Motion in Living Things
  1. (II,II,I,1) Biotic and Abiotic
  2. (II,II,I,2) Biomes
  3. (II,II,I,3) Ecosystem Interactions
  4. (II,II,I,4) Sustain Life
  5. (II,II,I,5) Resource Availability
  1. (II,II,I,6) Diverse Species
  2. (II,II,I,7) Classification
  1. (II,II,II,1) Reproduction is Essential
  2. (II,II,II,2) Sexual vs. Asexual
  3. (II,II,II,3) Egg and Sperm
  4. (II,II,II,4) Fertile Offspring
  1. (II,II,II,6) Inherited vs. Acquired
  2. (II,II,II,6) Genes and Chromosomes
  1. (II,II,II,7) Traits and Environment
  2. (II,II,II,8) Diversity and Gradual Changes
  3. (II,II,II,9) Natural Variations
  4. (II,II,II,10) Adaptations for Survival
  5. (II,II,II,11 ) Natural Selection
  6. (II,II,II,12) Adaptation or Extinction
  7. (II,II,II,13) Fossil Records
  1. (II,II,III,1) Composed of Cells
  2. (II,II,III,2) Organs and Tissues
  1. (II,II,III,3) Cellular Functions
  2. (II,II,III,4) Plant vs. Animal Cells
  3. (II,II,III,5) Stimuli and Response
  4. (II,II,III,6) Cellular Damage
  1. (II,III,I,1) Earth Supports Life
  2. (II,III,!,2) Sun and Life
  3. (II,III,II,1) History of Earth
  4. (II,III,II,2) Living Organisms and Earth's Changes
  5. (II,III,II,3) Changes in Ecosystems
  1. (III,I,I,1) Science and Health
  2. (III,I,I,2) Technology and Medicine
  3. (III,I,I,3) Health Emergencies

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